[MEMOPHILO] The Two Most Important Investments in Our Lives: Kids and Property


*This article is my first article written in English.


Today, we discuss two of the most significant investments in our lives – Kids and Property.

I heard about these two investments from a great guy, who is one of my hiking members and usually talks lots of jokes.

Both of these hold the potential to shape our future and provide us with invaluable returns that go beyond financial gains. So, let’s explore why these investments are crucial and how they can impact our lives positively.

Kids: Investing in the Future

When we talk about investments, we often think of financial assets or real estate, but one of the most rewarding and lasting investments we can make is in Kids.

Our kids are not only the future of our families but also the future of our society and the world at large. By nurturing and supporting them, we empower the next generation with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to create a better world.

Beyond providing material necessities, emotional support is equally crucial.
A loving and caring environment helps children develop into confident, empathetic, and resilient individuals.
By doing the above things, the children can provide happiness to us.

The guy, who told me this his philosophical opinion, also said, “It would be better to have a first kid at a younger age.”
I think he meant It’s important to have kids when we can be energetic more.

Property: Building a Strong Foundation

It’s easy to think that Investing in property is another essential aspect of securing our future and financial stability.
Property ownership offers a range of benefits, making it a highly valuable investment choice.

Owning property, be it a home or commercial real estate, can provide a source of long-term financial security.
Property values tend to appreciate over time, and by investing wisely, we can build equity and create a solid financial base.

Investing in property also allows us to leave a lasting legacy for our children and future generations.
Real estate can be passed down to our heirs, providing them with a valuable asset and potentially easing their financial burdens.


In conclusion, our lives are shaped by the choices we make, and investing wisely in our children and property can have a profound impact on our future.

Nurturing and supporting our children create a brighter future for them and the world they will inherit. Simultaneously, investing in property provides financial stability, security, and the potential for significant returns.

So, the great guy had me think about balancing our financial investments with investments of time, love, and care in our children’s lives.
I want to say thank you to him. I hope you are the same.

Thank you for joining me in this discussion of two of the most important investments in our lives!

* “MEMOPHILO” in the title of this blog is a combination word that I made of “Memorandum”, which expresses my pseudonym, and “Philosophy”.


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