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For the first three months of my study abroad at Coop, I took an ESL class at Tamwood, where I learned only English. I met many friends there, but I would like to introduce five of them who I feel have unique backgrounds and who have the potential to do something big in the future. Before I came to Canada, I was curious about the kind of people who came to school, so I decided to write this article to the people who would have the same thoughts. After that, I simply wanted to prove that my hunch was not wrong when I met these five people again😅

The following questions were asked to the five people. Since it is the rule to use English at ESL schools, I will post the answers I received after asking questions in English.


  1. Age
  2. Self Introduction
  3. What you did before you came here
  4. Any Purpose you learn English
  5. Any Reasons you chose to come to Canada or Tamwood
  6. What do you want to do after improving your English skills
  7. SNS account & Picture
  8. My thoughts for each friends


Shota Tabuchi (Japan)

1. 22

2. Japanese student graduated pathway in Tamwood 

3. University student 

4. To watch movies without subtitles 

5. I’ve been to the U.S. before so wanted to go somewhere else:)

6. To work worldwide  

7. https://www.instagram.com/7._.yolo.s/

8. I choose him as the first person I introduce as my friend from Tamwood ESL school Because as you can see instantly he is a cool person and has an attractive smile he shows only when something special. He is aiming to work in the trade industry in the future. After I heard it, I am sure that he can achieve his goal by having his sophisticated character notion and a vision that I saw in Tamwood ESL school. Good luck with your business!

Yuri Kimura (Japan)

1. 27

2. I like to see and crime mountain.

3. A receptionist at business hotel 

4. To spread my possibilities 

5. Mountain and Visa

6. Challenge everything what I want to do at the moment

7. https://www.instagram.com/satsumaimo_yuri/

I remember I was surprised when she was going to go on her journey to Canada as a volunteer. At that time, I had thought It would be more enjoyable to stay just in Vancouver, however, she has been enjoying her journey in Canada more than I was in Vancouver actually, I realized it by seeing her Instagram story. It can be happened by her character that is trying to enjoy and think of things positive.

8. I a notion I heard from her, that “We can get our life to be more valuable by trying to achieve what we want to do”. It resonated with me when I wondered whether it was the correct way to come to Canada even though my girlfriend was in Japan. I don’t try to talk myself more here, I hope she continues to have valuable time in Canada and anywhere in the world as well.

Io Ota (Japan)

1. 28

2. I live in Vancouver, and am studying hospitality and tourism at Tamwood college. I like playing with a dog, painting and watching musicals.

3. Salesperson, administrative assistant, voice actress.

4. For my future work.

5. I stayed for 4 months in Ontario to study abroad in 2015. Then I feel like Canada is a good country to study. 

6. In the Co-op term, I want to work at YVR. And make more friends here.

7. https://instagram.com/gyoromechan00?igshid=MzMyNGUyNmU2YQ==


I will introduce her as a friend who has a special voice that is attractive to us (the guy who I’ll introduce next was always talking about how her voice is so clear and beautiful😅). What I mentioned here is that her voice and character that is kind to everyone enables her to have great charm regardless of gender and to have lots of friends.

She said to me once that she would like to make the tour industry of her hometown in Japan thrive. She was the first person who thought about home town’s prosperity my friends from ESL. I am not sure she choose to do it in the future but if she does so I hope to see her again in Japan and you who read this to be bewitched by her voice.

Kwan woo, Kim (South Korea)

1. 19

2. I’m Kwan Woo from South Korea. Right now I’m not in Canada. But I miss my life in Canada, well not Canada itself. Anyway I’m the ordinary man who likes reading book and listening music.

3. I did study spanish for my university study before I came Canada

4. English as you know is worldwide language and because of this fact, It’s necessary to do English whatever the field is I wanna go to and even if I keep living in my country. Also I like English personally.

5. The reason why I went to Canada is mainly because of the cost and safety. In compared to America, Canada is way more safe, which gives opportunities for walking outside even in the night and which is I think also most important factor for our life.

6. For sure, I wanna read many books written in English which is what I always want to read, but there is none written in my mother tongue language.

7. https://www.instagram.com/relax0311200/

8. He is ranked high level in my cleverest person list (weirdest person as well 😁). He is a person who I spent time with so I have lots of memories with him though I’ll write down only one notion he had that I heard before,

“It is not any waste of time to study longer such late in our 20’s.” It was a surprise for me who was worried that I had to finish to learn what I had to learn as soon as possible. Since he had this notion, he looked like he had been learning with joy and he drained knowledge as much as he could. In the meantime, he was learning English with me, and he was enjoying being and stuff in Canada.

What I want to say here is that having a notion like he had is important and helpful for us, I guess. Because It takes time to learn something until we are satisfied, I sometimes wish I had had a long-span goal, and vision to learn something or even achieve like him.

Björn Gygli (Switzerland)

1. 33

2. I live with my wife in a house in Switzerland. I have a small dog and two horses and some chickens.

3. I worked in the forest and made several schools  for this job. I really like to work at the fresh Swisse air.

4. For travelling and my future work.

5. My first intension was to study two month english and work for about six month at a farm. So i had to adjust my plans and made just the english course and travelled through canada with my wife and a friend. Tamwood was a suggetion from the travel agency.

6. Use it for my future work

7. Secret…


He was a roommate when I was in my first homestay in Vancouver and he is a sophisticated person, similar to me just kidding though. He and I had pretty common points such as the theme of talking, preferring nature, the way to think of morals and manners, and changed our life completely by our girlfriend (right now for him, his wife).

But there is a big difference between us, which is that he can think what to do and say to others before he does. It is also the point I can respect him. Because of that, I can say he is the kindest person I have seen ever. He will grab his successful life by his kindness as deep as I felt.


As I talked until here, I met these great five friends in ESL especially. I appreciated seeing you guys again and hope you guys do well in what you do and what you wanna achieve.


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