[MEMOPHILO] To Be More Successful and Richer, Be Healthier.

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I talk about the essence of a lesson I learned from my host father during my time in Vancouver.

His habit of regular mountain hikes, despite being in his 70s, left an indelible mark on my perspective.

This blog delves into the profound connection between health, success, and wealth that he taught me.

Let me share it with you!

His teaching

My host father’s penchant for early morning hikes often left me perplexed.

He’d return with a gleam in his eyes and proclaim, “Hiking makes us stronger and healthier.”

This sentence initially puzzled me.

The early mornings, waking up at 6AM and leaving home before 7AM, were grueling at first, but by the third or fourth hike, some transformations unfurled within me.

Not only did I notice physical changes, with my body becoming more sculpted, but I also adapted to the rhythm of early mornings.

Gradually, his sentence began to make sense: “Hiking makes us stronger and healthier.”

The Intersection of Health and Happiness

Beyond hiking, my host father’s philosophy transcended his overall lifestyle.

He’d impart, “I never indulge in excess drinking or gambling. They offer fleeting happiness, a mere illusion.”

Reflecting on my past excessive drinking, which I had thankfully left behind, his words resonated even more profoundly faster than when I heard about hiking. (^o^)丿

I realized that true happiness stemmed from cultivating healthy habits and fostering a positive outlook.

Witnessing his approach to well-being, I marveled at the harmonious life he led.

He should have wanted to tell this: embodying health wasn’t just a physical endeavor, but a gateway to a contented existence.

exercise in the morning

The predilection for early morning exercise intrigued me. People across the world embraced routines of running, jogging, and walking, even if it meant adjusting their sleep schedules.

In my image, people to be successful have such a habit.

I deciphered their intent: harnessing the prime hours of the day to nurture their health and productivity.

Waking up early was an ordeal, but with each hike, I discovered ways to synchronize my body clock.

The pre-hike preparations I made and the extra hours gained post-hike invigorated my days.

Weaving Health into Success

We often associate success with relentless work and ceaseless studies. However, I came to realize that the foundation of success lies in allocating time and energy to these endeavors. Health becomes the cornerstone upon which accomplishment is built. It’s not merely about the physical aspect, but the mental clarity and vigor that it bestows.


Embracing healthy habits isn’t just a choice; it’s a commitment to nurturing the very essence of our potential.

My host father’s wisdom echoes through me, a reminder that the journey to success is an amalgamation of mind, body, and spirit.

As always, I offer gratitude to my host father for letting me know this. Because I couldn’t know this message if I hadn’t seen the view from Grouse Mountain, which is this article’s picture, with him.

I hope my host father’s message I received makes sense.
And I hope he continues hiking by his 100s.

Thank you for reading this article!

* “MEMOPHILO” in the title of this blog is a combination word that I made of “Memorandum”, which expresses my pseudonym, and “Philosophy”.


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